"Notre Dame Victory March"
Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame! Wake up the echoes cheering her name!
Send a volley cheer on high. Shake down the thunder from the sky!
What though the odds be great or small, old Notre Dame will win over all
while her loyal sons are marching onward to VICTORY.
Rally, sons of Notre Dame! Sing her glory and sound her fame.
Raise her gold and blue and cheer with voices true. Rah-rah for Notre Dame!
We will fight in every game, strong of heart and true to her name.
We will ne'er forget her and will cheer her ever, loyal to Notre Dame.
lock; margin: 10px auto; text-align: center;">Notre Dame Fight Song (Full) sound bite
                                                    Brian's Story...Our Choice Is Pro Life

What can a mother say about her baby boy. Well, as any mother knows, your baby will remain your baby even when they have a family of their own, no matter their age. Well, this particular baby has a unique beginning.....he was born before all this hoop la regarding ProLife or ProChoice began. This mother has a very strong feeling about the subject and Brian's story will reveal just why.

We were a family of four and life was very good. We enjoyed the usual happy family life and loved going to baseball games (picture day at Dodger's Stadium was always special), watching football (Notre Dame especially) on television, and of course those camping trips. Mom was PTA president and Pops was the PTA Treasurer. Pops managed several Little League teams, even before his son Robert was old enough to play. Actually, a couple of the boys that Pops worked with ended up playing for farm and pro major League Clubs. He just had the gift of pulling out the best in these young boys' abilities. Pops had teams that actually went to the City Tournaments and WON. Mom was the Team Mother and Official Scorekeeper. Life was busy and centered around family much of the time.

In the midst of all the busyness, Mom began to have some medical problems that became quite urgent. Let us back track a bit here on some history to help you understand fully the situation at hand. You see, at the age of four years old, she had major kidney attacks that caused much pain and suffering. When she was eleven years old, she was in the hospital for three months. They did experimental plastic surgury trying to salvage a kidney. When she was only 15, she had to have part of an ovary removed due to cysts that were causing some painful problems. Then at the age of 19, with a small child in tow, doctors finally had to operate and go in to remove the kidney, which had become diseased. Now Mom was having more problems with cystic ovaries so they removed one whole ovary and most all of the other one. Just a tiny, ity bity piece was left with the doctors hoping enough hormone would be produced to keep her off of hormone therapy because she was still young. Mom and Pops were told they would, of course, have no more children. Mom had her heart set on three children but accepted this news as "God's Will".

Enter in....God's "Perfect Will". Can we begin to fathom the depths of Life in Him or the depths of His Love?? Lo and behold, Mom concieved a son....which may just have been the only "egg" left in the speck of an ovary left behind. God's plan was far and above what we could have imagined or hoped for.

Life was going along pretty well and the family was highly anticipating the arrival of this "bonus baby" which was due the end of December. Well, they thought they just might take one last camping trip early September over the Labor Day holidays. They went to a place called Salton Sea. Everyone was having a great time except Mom. She was being a real "spoil sport" you see, refusing to go in the water and spending the weekend just sitting by the camper door and drinking gallons of water. After all, the temperature was 115 degrees. What they did not know and Mom was not about to tell them and spoil their fun, was that Mom was NOT okay. Her whole body was one big throb, head ached and she was seeing blurry and double vision at times.

When they got home the next door neighbor, who happened to be Head  OB GYN  nurse at Martin Luther Hospital, came over to see how the week-end went. She took one look at Mom and screamed "What is your doctor's number??" Mom had spent the weekend drinking water because of having an unquechable thirst But she was NOT eliminating ANY of it. Her body was one huge mass of water logged and when you mashed her skin, it was all puffed up......uremia...toxemia.... Mom was given Lasix to help move the water but it did not work so more had to  given through the night. It was Labor Day, so of course no doctor was around.

Pops had Mom at the doctor's office in the morning. Blood pressure was way too high, very dangerous levels. The doctor was quite concerned. Pops was told it was a "miracle" Mom did not go into a coma while they were out there camping.  You see, Mom's one and only kidney was not functioning at all. It had shut down. The doctor wanted her sent to the hospital right away and an abortion performed to save mother's life.

Enter into the equation ONE STUBBORN MOTHER. She told the doctor in no uncertain terms that NO ABORTION would even be considered. There was only a one in a million (or more) chance of this child even being concieved so this child belonged to God. Set aside for God's purposes.  If this were the case, it was up to God to bring this child safely into this world. The doctor told her she might die, or at the very best be on dialysis the rest of her life.

Mom told the doctor she would do ANYTHING HE WANTED HER TO DO SHORT OF AN ABORTION. The doctor asked her if she could spend the next four months in bed. Not only in bed BUT laying on one side. She would have to completely eliminate salt from her diet.....no canned foods and ONLY bottled water with no sodium. You think water has no taste??? Drink water without sodium and you will know it indeed does. 

Barbie Ann was only 13 years old at the time and she stepped up and helped Pops take care of her little brother and fix meals and clean. She became a little mini mom herself. Even after the baby was born and months later Mom was again in the hospital, this young lady took care of her new baby brother along with Pops and Robert. Like I said on her page, she is an amazing young lady.

Brian was always a bright and happy baby. We had worried with all the medications Mom had to take, there might be problems but God shielded him. We all felt he was perfect in every way. He was the baby of the family to all of us. Barbie was in 7th heaven mothering him too. Robert had that baby brother to dote on that he always wanted. Pops had that second son to take through  Little League. Mom had that perfect family of five she had always wanted.

When Brian was a small boy he got bitten by a brown recluse spider and was in the hospital but God spared what could have been a horrible situation. No great harm was done and he had IV's and anti venom meds given. If you know about brown recluse you know it could have been very bad for a little boy but he had God's protection about him because, I still believe he is set apart for God.

In high school Brian played football for Bloomington Christian High School. His brother was a youth pastor in Riverside and the senior pastor at his church had a daughter. This daughter had a friend, Melissa, whom she brought to youth group meetings. Melissa was a cheer leader at her school and these two became high school sweethearts. They have been married for almost 19 years now. They got married on Brian's grandfather's birthday. Brian means strong but his middle name was his grandfather's last name, Lucas. Read about him on Granny's pages to see his own miracles...from an unbeliever to a believer.

Melissa came to work at the kennel two months after they married. In fact, Pastor Robert performed the church wedding where he had become senior pastor. Then the next day we all boarded an airplane and headed to our Hawaii together for Brian and Melissa's honeymoon. Can you imagine any more family closeness than that. LOL!!!

Both grand daughters have lived here at the kennel  all their lives. Brian has lived at the kennel all but three years of his life. Ashley and Kiersten socialize all our pommies here. Melissa is a real sweetie pie. She truly is like another daughter to us. We share so much together. Brian had even said before he married Melissa that even though she did not look like me, she had my heart so he was getting "the real deal"!  It is like God chose her to become a part of our family.

We are a Notre Dame family for sure as we lived within ten miles of them and my husband and Robert were born near South Bend. Even so, Brian and Melissa BOTH are addicted to Notre Dame as much or more than the rest of us. They even flew back there for a game several years ago. When I look at Brian and his family, my heart fills with such love and gratitude to God for His Keeping Grace. They are my one big argument in favor of ProLife. My God...what if I had listened to doctors back then??? Don't listen when they say a woman needs laws to protect her in case of health issues. Believe me a woman has always had a right to choose in case of life or death to the mother. I am so glad I chose LIFE!!

I am so glad that God knows what we will need before we do. His timing is always perfect and "on time".  I am convinced that God, knowing He was going to call our beloved Robert home to Himself,  provided a way for our Brian to make it into this world, against all odds. Today, I really do not know what we would do without our wonderful Brian, his wife, Melissa and our two girls Ashley and Kiersten. They live next door to us and have been such a blessing to us! God is so good and never fails us. He gives us what He knows we need because He loves us so much.
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